Below is a selection of resources authored by others.
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Selected articles

Clinnick, Lauren. 2015. Playing it Safe: Bisexual Representation in Games. PlayWrite.

Dale, Laura. 2017. Zelda, Mass Effect and Horizon all struggle with introducing their trans characters. Polygon.

Favreau, Alyssa. 2016. Samara, Mass Effect 2, and Science Fiction’s Dismissal of Queer Female Desire. The Mary Sue.

Ferox, Sissorelle. 2015. Transgender Characters Revealed in ‘RuneScape’. FemHype.

Good Game. 2016. Good Game Season 12 Episode 17 - TX: 07/06/2016. Good Game (YouTube).

Hemmann, Kathryn. 2016. Magic and Gender in Final Fantasy VI. Kill Screen.

Holmes, Alison. 2014. Representations of Gender and Sexuality in BioWare's Mass Effect 3.

Lequerica, Anuar Andres. 2016. Video Games That Teach Sexuality and Gender. Medium.

Smith, Ed. 2015. How Games Fail (and Succeed) at Depicting Female Sexuality. Kotaku.

Steamjamboree. 2017. I want to like you, Krem, but.... PlayWrite.

Stenros, Jaako. Sihvonen, Tanja. 2015. Out of the Dungeons: Representations of Queer Sexuality in RPG Source Books. Analog Game Studies.

Teddie. 2015. Pick Your Poison: Character Creation & The Gender Binary. FemHype.

Valens, Ana. 2016. Where’s the Love? How the Gaming Industry Avoids Creating Trans Romance Partners. The Mary Sue.

W, Nico. 2015. Borderlands & Asexual Representation: How I Discovered My Sexuality While Playing a First-Person Shooter. The Mary Sue.

W, Rachel. 2015. Being Human: Identity & Inclusivity in ‘Read Only Memories’. FemHype.

Walker, Cora. 2016. Is Jacob Frye Gay or Bisexual?. Remeshed.


This resource collection is a work-in-progress. We have a number of additional sources that are useful in the study of in representation of queerness and minority groups in games that are slowly being added to this page. If you have any queries or are seeking particular resources, please let us know using the 'Contact' link in the menu.

Tabletop resources

Roll20 is a browser-based tabletop tool suite, and also has an accompanying app for smartphones and tablets. In addition to tabletop simulation tools, 'Roll20' provides resources for authors and masters of tabletop RPGs, including advice on building character sheets. A request to authors of character sheets directs them to use a textbox rather than a dropdown menu or checkbox for gender, in order to make games more inclusive.

The advice can be found here.

Other Resources

Academic work by Adrienne Shaw
Adrienne Shaw is a leading researcher in the field of queer representation in games.

A collection of writing by women and non-binary folk, often critiques on issues of sexuality and gender.

LGBTQ Video Game Archive
Features a number of researched articles and resources about games with queer representation.

Queer Game Studies 101: An Introduction to the Field (2016)
A collection of resources compiled by queer game studies researcher, Bonnie Ruberg.

TF Games Site
NSFW collection of games that explore gender, although in some ways also fetishise gender. This site was recommended alongside the following: "I thought it might be an interesting data point for your research and/or your QRM project. As a trans person, it's one of the very few places where I can (literally) play with such ideas, which are so foundational to my life experience. It's also a fascinating little community, culturally speaking."

Random Encounters
A bi-monthly column that discusses romance and sexuality in games, recommended for readers who speak German.