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Queerly Represent Me

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Alayna Cole

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May 2016



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Dr. Alayna Cole (Managing director): alayna@queerlyrepresent.me




Queerly Represent Me is a not-for-profit consultation and research organisation. We work with companies to consult on their games, events, and studio culture, and use proceeds from these contracts to provide free resources and services to the wider community, particularly to give a voice to queer developers and support the creation of queer content.

We provide individualised consultations and freely available public resources, we maintain a database of games that represent queer perspectives and feature queer content, and provide links to further resources and research. We travel to conferences and conventions to spread our research widely, and make as many of our talks available online as possible.

We aim to help individuals familarise themselves with and access more texts that represent them, and to help aspiring marginalised developers find the confidence to pursue their careers. We also hope to provide allies with resources and support to make the world a better place for marginalised people. Ongoing discussion around representation and diversity is inevitable—and vital—and Queerly Represent Me seeks to be a key voice within this conversation.


Queerly Represent Me was founded in May 2016 after the founder conducted the 'Queer Representation (2016) survey'. The site was originally a reference point where the work of the founder—Alayna Cole—and others in the research area of queer representation could be collated and shared. While many articles and websites exist to highlight the ‘top 5’ or ‘top 10’ representations of a particular type, the Queerly Represent Me database was designed to feature an exhaustive and ever-growing list, evolving in ways that a static article cannot.

In November 2016, the database expanded from the original visual database to also include a spreadsheet database, which allows for a big-picture view of the types of representation featured on the site. This allowed for additional research to be conducted, and led to the establishment of the organisation's separate research arm.

February 2017 led to the creation of the 'Representations of Diversity in Games (2017) survey', which is the foundation for the ongoing quantiative and qualitative research that will be conducted by Queerly Represent Me, used in conjunction with the information gathered in the 'Queer Representation (2016) survey', as well as our database and other resources.

In March 2017, Queerly Represent Me underwent a rebranding exercise. This included the introduction of more user-friendly features (such as a better search function and the consolidation of landing pages), a nicer aesthetic (trust us, it's much prettier now), and a new logo. This rebranding extended to items like business cards, badges, and stickers, as well as merchandise available on our merch store. This allowed for increased visibility of the Queerly Represent Me brand, as well as further marketing opportunities.

August 2017 saw our launch of several new initiatives, including our podcast, interview series, and upcoming zine.

In 2018, a Queerly Represent Me calendar started to be established, with a new survey being conducted in February, the Queerly Represent Me game jam taking place in May, and our zine being released in June.

What we do

Visual database »
Database of games featuring queer representation, displayed visually for a consumer audience.

Spreadsheet database »
Database of games featuring queer representation, displayed in spreadsheet format for researchers seeking trends.

Audience surveys »
Surveys conducted annually with game audiences, exploring how audiences feel about representation of diversity in games.

Guides and talks »
Written guides and regular talks aimed at informing the public and connecting them to our research.

Jess' Queer Games Journey »
Ongoing discussion of lesser known games featuring queer content.

Interview series »
Weekly interviews with queer folks working in the games industry about their journey.

Zine »
First time publication of a zine exploring queer stories, and intersectional stories of diversity.

Outreach »
Additional outreach programs, including exhibitions, to connect the public to queer games and game developers.

Resources »
Collection of resources and research from authors external to the QRM team.

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Accolades and awards

Nominated for the 'Community Initiative / Charity' Award in the Australian LGBTI Awards 2018.

"These are good voices, worth getting behind." - David Hollingworth, PC & Tech Authority

"There’s a lot going on at Queerly Represent Me, and all of it important." - Jay Costello, New Normative

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