2019 Annual Report

Word from our Managing Director

Alayna Cole This was our first full calendar year working as a registered charity, and we're so excited about the amazing work we were able to do with our community's donations and support. If you shared your money, time, energy, or social platforms with us in 2019, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We have huge plans for 2020, including the continuation of many of our existing projects, as well as new events (Education / Elevation), and a major set of guidelines to improve industry-wide representation and diversity (Representation / Education). We hope you join us for another fantastic year!


  • Presented IGDA LGBTQ+ SIG roundtable on queer issues at the Game Developers Conference, the largest games industry conference globally, to ensure queer folks in games are represented
  • Involved in organising Rainbow Jam 2019, a game jam designed to produce more games featuring diverse characters and stories
  • Involved in speaking at and supporting the Gender Equality Game Jam in Melbourne
  • Attended Women in Gaming rally, Gaming for Everyone nexus, and LGBTQIA Gaming event at GDC to ensure queer perspectives were broadly represented at each event
  • Public campaigns for events like IDAHOBIT, Bi Visibility Day, and Trans Visibility Day, to spread awareness
  • Maintaining and updating of queer games database, continued
  • Writing of Queer Games Journey, continued


  • Consultation on:
    • diverse content in games
    • diversity initatives and ally programs in workplaces
    • appropriate marketing materials for mentorship programs and game
  • Published new free and paid resources (continued)
  • Published several open-access papers including:
    • Counting Queerness in Games: Trends in LGBTQ Digital Game Representation, 1985‒2005 (Alayna Cole with A Shaw, EW Lauteria, H Yang, and CJ Persaud)
    • Reflecting on Representation: Facilitating Nuanced Discussions of Diversity (Dakoda Barker, Alayna Cole)
    • Establishing a Language of Diversity: Preliminary Findings (Jess Zammit, Alayna Cole)
  • Shared our research in presentations and panels at events like DiGRA Australia, Freplay Independent Games Festival, PAX Australia, and Indigicon Australia
  • Shared our research in publications like Archer magazine (the largest print magazine about queer issues in Australia) and Information Age
  • Provided articles to InGames (previously Game As You Are) article collaboration, including educational pieces about representation and diversity (continued)
  • Mentored at speaking engagement for GamEd in Ararat
  • Spread awareness of our services at booths at events like GDC, PAX Australia, DDD Melbourne, and Indigicon Australia
  • Shared free educational materials via our social media platforms


  • Hosted MELT Gayming, the largest queer games event currently in Australia, to boost the work of diverse creators
  • Organised and hosted the Emerging Developer Room at GO423: Game On, where emerging creators could access mentorship for free, have their headshots taken, and otherwise prepare for a career in games in a financially accessible way
  • Sponsored passes for Indigicon Australia, and gave away passes for MegaDev, GCAP, and Parallels to ensure more diverse attendees could afford to participate and network at these events
  • Provided several travel stipends to speakers and exhibitors who would otherwise have been able to attend events they had to opportunity to present at
  • Completed publication of our interview series, season 1 (total of 100 interviews)
  • Commenced publication of our interview series, season 2 (sponsored by Big Ant)
  • Accepted pitches from new writers for our InGames (previously Game As You Are) article collaboration (paid opportunity)
  • Compiled a list of several hundred nonbinary translators across 30+ languages who can assist studios to appropriately localise gender-related themes in their games
  • Boosted the work of diverse people—including queer people—on our social media platforms
  • Boosted of voices who spoke out for events like IDAHOBIT, Bi Visibility Day, and Trans Visibility Day

Review Annual Information Summary 2019 on the ACNC website.