Queerly Represent Me has a team of consultants who are qualified to discuss diversity and accessibility with you. Our full consultations typically include a preliminary discussion via email, the reading and/or playing of material, a video call, and a written report of recommendations.


  • Consulting on diversity in game content, workplaces, studios, and events
  • Sensitivity reading of game content and documentation prior to release
  • Advice pertaining to representation, inclusion, and accessibility of non-normative and marginalised groups


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More information about our consultants and starting prices is available here.


Chris Gardiner, Narrative Director, Failbetter Games

‘I'd strongly encourage other studios to engage QRM for consultations. Our experience was professional, warm, intensely useful, and intellectually invigorating. QRM went to great lengths to understand the specific context of our game and audience, and tailor their advice accordingly.’

‘I was very nervous about presenting my work at the consultation. I was worried I might have written something offensive and ignorant, and would be judged for it. Especially since some of the outlines intentionally leaned into areas I suspected would be problematic, because I wanted to ensure we could benefit from QRM's expertise on those topics. I needn't have been concerned. The atmosphere was open, supportive, collaborative and friendly. The emphasis was never on saying 'you can't do this,' but always 'how can we make this work?' and 'how can we make this better?' The consultation was both enjoyable and rewarding.’

‘One of the consultants present had such impressive ideas on one character’s story that we’ve hired her to be co-writer on that content.’

Olivia Wood, Content Manager, Failbetter Games

‘It didn’t kill any ideas, but made us improve upon them … because we were safe to put them out there in the first place.’

James Chew, Writer, Failbetter Games

‘…insightful, practical feedback on pitches and examples of gender and queer representation in the game—before launch.’


Alayna Cole (she/her) | Plurisexual representation / inclusion, playersexuality, representation of women

Jess Zammit (she/her) | Bisexual inclusion, mental health and psychology, representation of women, visual novel genre

Charlie Francis Cassidy (they/them) | Non-binary representation / inclusion, trans masc representation, asexual representation, polyamory representation, mental health representation

Ashton McAllan (she/her) | Trans representation / inclusion, trans femme representation, representation of women

Dakoda Barker (he/him) | Chronic health condition representation, accessibility in game content, Indigenous Australian representation, cultural representation

Jess Gates (she/her) | Accessibility in game content, workplaces, and events

We also have access to additional consultants on a contract basis if you have queries about specific representation that our regular team cannot assist with, or if we need to consult with a wider range of people on a particular topic.