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# Title Year Developer Genre Platform
Sono Hanabira series 2006 – 2015 Fuguriya Visual novel PC, iOS, Android, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable
1 A Kiss for the Petals
2 My Dear Prince
3 Joined in Love with You
4 The Beloved Photograph
5 The Joy of Loving You
6 A Kiss Whispered to the Lips
7 I Want Your Sweet Enchanting Kisses
8 Dyed with an Angel's Petals
9 Hanahira!
10 Yuririn
11 Sweet Grown-up Kisses
12 Lily Platinum
13 Maidens of Michael
14 Lovers of the Atelier
15 Angel of Longing
16 The Angels' Spring Love
17 Snow White's Knight
18 The Angels' Promise
19 My Sworn Love for You
20 The New Generation!
21 Revolution! Rinagisa
22 The Day we First Met