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# Title Year Developer Genre Platform
1 Otoko Tower 2016 Sony Computer Entertainment Casual
2 Mean Girls: The Game 2015 So Much Drama Studios Strategy Casual iOS
3 Good Knight Story 2016 Turbo Chilli Puzzle Casual iOS, Android
4 Wedding Escape 2015 Firebird Games Casual iOS, Android
5 Chef's Quest 2016 The Binary Mill Casual iOS, Android
6 Criminal Case: Pacific Bay 2017 Pretty Simple Adventure Casual iOS, Android
7 Double Dragqueens 2019 Amanda Sparks Casual iOS, Android
8 Puzzle Dating 2017 M. Hanka Casual PC
9 Queertastrophe 2013 Mo Cohen Casual PC
10 LoveBeat 2016 CRAZYDIAMOND CO. LTD. Casual PC
11 Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars 2016 Anna Anthropy Casual PC
12 Mount Your Friends 2014 Stegersaurus Software Inc. Casual PC
13 Monster Seeking Monster 2017 Jackbox Games Casual Multiplayer PC
14 GenderTrix 2017 jamque Art game Casual PC
15 Genital Jousting 2016 Free Lives Casual PC
16 Color Me Proud 2017 Gear Flower Games Casual PC
17 Going Postal 2017 Agency Casual PC
18 Doctor Who Infinity 2018 Tiny Rebel Games Seeds Studio Casual PC
19 Free Again 2017 ffmaer Casual PC
20 Find Les 2016 DevLynx Casual PC
21 Hot Pool 2017 VirtexUniverse Casual PC
22 HuniePop 2015 HuniePot Casual PC
23 Hell Girls 2017 SakuraGame Casual PC
24 Behold the Kickmen 2017 Size Five Games Casual Sports PC
25 Cathy's Cafe 2016 gaymer.es Casual Visual novel PC
26 Tradewinds Legends 2006 Sandlot Games Casual PC (free)
27 The Longest Couch 2017 Sean Wejebe Puzzle Casual PC (free)
28 Something for Someone Else 2019 4H StudioLab Casual PC (free)
29 Self Acceptance = True 2016 marcelpace Casual PC (free)
30 Vladi Bird 2014 De Ideale Wereld Casual PC (free) [link no longer active]
31 Kissing Time 2016 Amidos Casual PC (free or donation)
32 The Princess and the Frog 2009 Disney Interactive Studios Casual PC, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS
33 Roundabout 2014 No Goblin Casual PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita