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# Title Year Developer Genre Platform
1 Far Cry 3 2012 Ubisoft Shooter Adventure
2 Otoko Tower 2016 Sony Computer Entertainment Casual
3 You're my garbage 2018 Maxen Interactive fiction PC
4 Plumbers Don't Wear Ties 1994 Kirin Entertainment Interactive fiction 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
5 7th Dragon III Code: VFD 2015 SEGA RPG 3DS
6 Rise of the Dragon 1990 Dynamix Game Arts Adventure Amiga, DOS, Macintosh, Sega CD
7 Cerulean Heart 2017 Origame Visual novel Android
8 College Days 2017 GX Studio Visual novel Android
9 Gaydorado 2017 Cocobear RPG Android
10 InstLife Not yet released InstCoffee Games Simulation Android
11 Garden Diary 2016 windbell RPG Android
12 My Candy Love 2011 Beemoov Games Visual novel Android
13 Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery 2018 Jam City RPG Android, iOS
14 Sdorica -sunset- 2018 Rayark Inc. RPG Android, iOS
15 City of Love: Paris 2017 Ubisoft Visual novel Android, iOS
16 Vendetta 1991 Konami Beat 'em up Arcade
17 The Simpsons Arcade Game 1991 Konami Novotrade Beat 'em up Arcade, Commodore 64, DOS, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network
18 Groove on Fight 1997 Atlus Fighter Arcade, Sega Saturn
19 Police Quest: Open Season 1987 Sierra Entertainment Adventure Point-and-click DOS
20 Return of the Phantom 1993 MPS Labs Adventure Point-and-click DOS
21 Circuit's Edge 1990 Westwood Studios Interactive fiction DOS
22 Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender 1992 MPS Labs Adventure Point-and-click DOS, Mac OS
23 Orion Conspiracy 1995 Divide By Zero Adventure Point-and-click DOS, Windows
24 Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh 1996 Sierra Entertainment Adventure Point-and-click DOS, Windows, Sega Saturn
25 Great Greed 1992 Namco RPG Game Boy
26 Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak 2002 Pax Softnica Adventure Game Boy Advance
Union series 2006 – 2011 Sting Entertainment Strategy RPG Game Boy Advance, PlayStation Portable
27 Yggdra Union
28 Blaze Union
29 Gloria Union
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2000 - 2003 GameBrains Eurocom Horror Beat 'em up Game Boy Color, Xbox, PlayStation 2, GameCube
30 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
31 Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds
32 Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean 2006 tri-Crescendo Monolith Soft RPG GameCube
33 Killer7 2005 Grasshopper Manufacture Adventure Shooter GameCube, PlayStation 2
34 Queen's Gambit 2014 Voltage Entertainment Visual novel iOS
35 The Hook Up ??? Z9 Studio Visual novel iOS
36 Mean Girls: The Game 2015 So Much Drama Studios Strategy Casual iOS
37 A Moment Between Us 2018 Ruby Simpson Art game iOS
38 The Arcana 2017 Nix Hydra Visual novel iOS, Android
39 My Virtual Gay Boyfriend 2015 Wet Productions Simulation iOS, Android
40 RuPaul's Drag Race: Dragopolis 2015 So Much Drama Studios Puzzle iOS, Android
41 LongStory 2014 Bloom Digital Media Visual novel iOS, Android
42 Animal Boyfriend 2012 Ambition Simulation iOS, Android
43 Zombies, Run! 2016 Six to Start Fitness App iOS, Android
44 Love Live! School Idol Festival 2016 KLab Visual novel Rhythm iOS, Android
45 High School Story 2014 Pixelberry Visual novel iOS, Android
46 The Arcana: A Mystic Romance 2017 Nix Hydra Games Visual novel iOS, Android
47 Good Knight Story 2016 Turbo Chilli Puzzle Casual iOS, Android
48 Britney Spears: American Dream 2016 Glu Games Simulation iOS, Android
49 Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze 2017 Tin Man Games Visual novel iOS, Android
50 Gay Fighter Supreme 2015 Handsome Woman Rhythm Fighter iOS, Android
51 Stardom The A-List 2011 Glu Games RPG iOS, Android
Choices: Stories You Play (portal app) 2016 Pixelberry App Portal iOS, Android
52 Game of Thrones Ascent 2013 Disruptor Beam Strategy iOS, Android
53 Mine Road 2015 windbell RPG iOS, Android
54 Nicki Minaj: The Empire 2016 Glu Games Simulation iOS, Android
55 Marvel Avengers Academy 2016 TinyCo Simulation iOS, Android
56 Chef's Quest 2016 The Binary Mill Casual iOS, Android
57 Hollywood U: Rising Stars 2014 Pixelberry Visual novel iOS, Android
58 Shade Forest 2016 Amanda Sparks Platformer iOS, Android
59 Wedding Escape 2015 Firebird Games Casual iOS, Android
60 Miitomo 2016 Nintendo Chat iOS, Android
61 Criminal Case: Pacific Bay 2017 Pretty Simple Adventure Casual iOS, Android
Lovestruck (portal app) 2016 Voltage Entertainment App Portal iOS, Android
62 Lifeline 2016 Three Minute Games Interactive fiction iOS, Android
63 Demi Lovato: Path to Fame 2015 Simulation iOS, Android
64 Robots Need Love Too 2014 Elephant Mouse Puzzle iOS, Android
65 Double Dragqueens 2019 Amanda Sparks Casual iOS, Android
66 Kim Kardashian: Hollywood 2014 Glu Games Simulation iOS, Android
67 Party in my Dorm 2016 A Thinking Ape Entertainment Simulation Chat iOS, Android
68 Kisses & Curses 2016 Voltage Entertainment Visual novel iOS, Android
69 Kendall & Kylie 2016 Glu Games Simulation iOS, Android
70 PrideFest 2016 Atari Simulation iOS, Android
Episode: Choose Your Story (portal app) 2016 Episode Interactive App Portal iOS, Android
71 Dream Boyfriend: Astral Days 2016 Ambition Simulation iOS, Android
72 To Love and Protect 2017 Voltage Entertainment Visual novel iOS, Android (both through the Lovestruck app)
73 Villainous Nights 2018 Voltage Entertainment Visual novel iOS, Android (both through the Lovestruck app)
The Freshman / The Sophomore 2016 Pixelberry Visual novel iOS, Android (both via the Choices: Stories You Play app)
74 The Freshman
75 The Sophomore
76 LoveHacks 2016 Pixelberry Visual novel iOS, Android (both via the Choices: Stories You Play app)
77 The Haunting of Braidwood Manor 2017 Pixelberry Visual novel iOS, Android (both via the Choices: Stories You Play app)
78 The Royal Romance 2017 Pixelberry Visual novel iOS, Android (both via the Choices: Stories You Play app)
79 Endless Summer 2016 Pixelberry Visual novel iOS, Android (both via the Choices: Stories You Play app)
80 Hero 2017 Pixelberry Visual novel iOS, Android (both via the Choices: Stories You Play app)
81 The Crown & The Flame 2016 Pixelberry Visual novel iOS, Android (both via the Choices: Stories You Play app)
82 Rules of Engagement 2016 Pixelberry Visual novel iOS, Android (both via the Choices: Stories You Play app)
83 Astoria: Fate's Kiss 2016 Voltage Entertainment Visual novel iOS, Android (both via the Lovestruck app)
84 Starship Promise 2017 Voltage Entertainment Visual novel iOS, Android (both via the Lovestruck app)
85 Havenfall is for Lovers 2017 Voltage Entertainment Visual novel iOS, Android (both via the Lovestruck app)
86 Gangsters in Love 2016 Voltage Entertainment Visual novel iOS, Android (both via the Lovestruck app)
87 Speakeasy Tonight 2016 Voltage Entertainment Visual novel iOS, Android (both via the LoveStruck app)
88 Love & Legends 2017 Voltage Entertainment Visual novel iOS, Android (both via the LoveStruck app)
89 Castaway! Love's Adventure 2016 Voltage Entertainment Visual novel iOS, Android (both via the Lovestruck app)
90 Steven Universe: Attack the Light 2015 Grumpyface Studios Strategy RPG iOS, Android, Kindle Fire
91 The World Ends With You 2007 Square Enix Jupiter RPG iOS, Android, Nintendo DS
92 Tokyo Afterschool Summoners 2016 LifeWonders Strategy iOS and Android
93 Streets of Rage 3 1994 Sega Beat 'em up Mega Drive, Genesis
94 Pathologic 2005 Ice-Pick Lodge Adventure Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
95 World Heroes 1992 Alpha Denshi Fighter Neo Geo MVS/AES, Virtual Console, PlayStation Network
96 Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei 2016 Masaya Games Extreme Co RPG Nintendo 3DS
97 Rune Factory 4 2011 Neverland Simulation RPG Nintendo 3DS
98 Ever Oasis 2017 Grezzo RPG Nintendo 3DS
Ace Attorney series 2001 – 2016 Capcom Adventure Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, Android, iOS, Wii, PC
99 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
100 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All
101 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations
102 Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth
103 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies
104 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice
105 Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
106 Exstetra 2013 FuRyu RPG Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita
107 Fighter Destiny 2 1999 Imagineer Opus Corp Genki Fighter Nintendo 64
108 Neon Genesis Evangelion 1999 Bandai Fighter Nintendo 64
109 Conker's Bad Fur Day 2001 Rare Platformer Nintendo 64, Xbox
110 Banjo Tooie 2000 Rare 4J Studios Platformer Nintendo 64, Xbox 360
111 Glory of Heracles 2008 Paon Studio Saizensen RPG Nintendo DS
112 Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times 2009 Konami Vanpool Simulation Nintendo DS
113 Avalon Code 2009 Matrix Software RPG Nintendo DS
114 Lux-Pain 2008 Killaware Visual novel Nintendo DS
115 Luminous Arc 3 2009 imageepoch Strategy RPG Nintendo DS
116 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2018 Bandai Namco Studios Fighter Nintendo Switch
117 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle 2017 Ubisoft Strategy RPG Nintendo Switch
118 Project Octopath Traveler Not yet released Square Enix Acquire RPG Nintendo Switch
119 Firstborn Not yet released Elston Studios RPG Strategy Not yet released
120 Daddy Lies Not yet released Studio Senpai Visual novel Not yet released
121 Pretty Witchy Life 2016 CurtissCosmos RPG PC
122 Newfound Courage 2019 Curtis Campion Adventure PC
123 Pride Run To be released Steam Factory Hard Ton IV Productions Rhythm PC
124 Psychonauts 2005 Double Fine Productions Platformer PC
125 Nicole 2013 Winter Wolves Visual novel PC
126 Nekojishi 2017 Orange Juice Dog Visual novel PC
127 Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness 2015 Her Interactive Adventure PC
128 Ne no Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto 2016 Kuro Iroduro Yomiji Visual novel PC
129 PQRS The Game 2011 Sotong Games Visual novel PC
130 Namco High 2013 What Pumpkin Studios Date Nighto LLC Visual novel PC
131 Port Amadeus 2017 Micromedia Visual novel PC
132 Quantum Conscience 2014 Woodsy Studio Visual novel PC
133 My Time at Portia 2015 Pathea Games RPG PC
134 Purrfect Date 2017 Bae Team RPG Visual novel PC
135 Negligee 2016 Dharker Studio Visual novel PC
136 Princesses's Maid 2015 Toki Productions Visual novel PC
137 Pridissimo 2018 Sicarde Rhythm PC
138 Nell's Night 2016 angelsera Visual novel PC
139 Natsumi & Fuyuko: All That's Inbetween 2015 TeamANPIM Visual novel PC
140 Naxos 2018 Pixels and Pins Visual novel PC
141 Mystics of Sapphia (Prelude) 2018 Luscious Spirit Studios Visual novel PC
142 Puzzle Dating 2017 M. Hanka Casual PC
143 Neverwinter Nights series 2002 BioWare RPG PC
144 Nocturnal Affair 2016 SilverHatsuyuki shortycake Visual novel PC
145 One's Lonesome, Two's Company 2018 TeamANPIM Visual novel PC
146 Onlove 2016 Ruehl RPG PC
147 Path of Exile 2013 Grinding Gear Games RPG PC
148 Orwell 2016 Osmotic Studios Adventure Point-and-click PC
149 One Small Favor 2016 nadia nova RPG PC
150 Once on a Windswept Night 2017 ebi-hime Visual novel PC
151 Perseids 2018 communistsister Interactive fiction PC
152 Penelope & Calliope 2018 megax01xman Interactive fiction PC
153 Ollpheist High 2017 CCJ Visual novel PC
154 Osozaki: Late Blooming First 2016 Kurisu no Patto Visual novel PC
155 Our War Everlasting 2015 Aviala Visual novel PC
156 Part 4: None 2018 Jess Gates Interactive fiction PC
157 Paranormal Teens 2016 Visual Wordplay Godline Visual novel PC
158 Papers, Please 2013 3909  Simulation PC
159 Painters Guild 2015 Lucas Molina Simulation PC
160 Painted in White 2016 Top Hat Studios Inc. Visual novel PC
161 Out of Sync 2016 Paper Star Studios Visual novel PC
162 Over Water, Under Hill 2018 Metaparadox Visual novel PC
163 Oxenfree 2016 Night School Studio Adventure PC
164 Ohmygod Are You Alright? 2016 Anna Anthropy Simulation PC
165 Who Knows (Where They're Going) 2017 Drazillion Interactive fiction PC
166 Ninja Pizza Girl 2015 Disparity Games Platformer PC
167 No One But You 2016 Unwonted Studios Visual novel PC
168 No, Thank You!!! 2013 Parade Visual novel PC
169 Plain 2016 Fablesoft Visual novel PC
170 Planet Dysphoria 2017 Fishagon LLC Point-and-click PC
171 Nightmare on Ra Street 2016 IDHAS Studios Visual novel PC
172 Pokémon Uranium 2016 ~JV~ RPG PC
Nights of Azure 2017 KOEI TECMO GAMES RPG PC
173 Nights of Azure
174 Nights of Azure 2
175 Pit People 2018 The Behemoth Strategy PC
176 Pirate Queen 2018 twinegamesareboring Interactive fiction PC
177 Oceanic Hearts 2016 Krispy Cat Visual novel PC
178 Of Love and Sorrow 2016 Niels Bauer Games Interactive fiction PC
179 Pillars of Eternity 2015 Obsidian Entertainment RPG PC
180 Pink White or Blue 2018 esmada Adventure Walking simulator PC
181 >Observer_ 2018 Bloober Team SA Adventure PC
182 Pale Spectrum 2017 Ithaqua Labs PC
183 Norilsk 2018 Kory Toombs Visual novel PC
184 Notes of a Snow Flower 2016 xerasor Visual novel PC
185 Night in the Woods 2017 Infinite Fall Adventure PC
186 Miko Gakkou Monogatari 2015 xinoro Adventure PC
187 Limit Panic! 2010 Vallel Visual novel PC
188 Lim 2012 Merritt Kopas Puzzle PC
189 Linmeadow Guild 2016 LydiaE Interactive fiction PC
190 LISA 2014 Dingaling Adventure Platformer PC
191 Little Green Girls 2018 Dungeon Rocker Games Visual novel PC
192 LilyCon 2017 2017 Shockpulse Visual novel PC
193 Lilycal Laika 2015 anya.fennec Visual novel PC
194 Libretta 2016 vgperson RPG PC
195 Liar Liar 2014 Tokimekiwaku Visual novel PC
196 lilac and her light 2018 npckc RPG PC
197 Lilies and Daruma 2016-2017 Daruma-san Visual novel PC
198 Lily Seed 2015 Peppertsuki Interactive fiction PC
199 Loan Wolf 2016 Team Rumblebee Visual novel PC
200 Lobotomy Corporation 2016 Project Moon Simulation PC
201 Love, Guitars, and the Nashville Skyline 2016 Cosmillica Visual novel PC
202 Love Bites 2018 Winter Wolves Visual novel PC
203 Love in the Glen 2016 Sapphire Dragon Productions Visual novel PC
204 Love is Strange 2016 Rumblebee Visual novel PC
205 Love on the Peacock Express 2017 trainmilfsgame Visual novel PC
206 Love Awake 2017 Andchan RPG PC
207 Love & Order 2011 Winter Wolves Love Conquers All Games Visual novel PC
208 Lonely Bullet 2018 Chumpette Visual Action PC
209 Lonely Yuri 2011 Night-time Sheep Visual novel PC
210 Long Live the Queen 2013 Hanako Games RPG PC
211 Loren the Amazon Princess 2014 Winter Wolves RPG PC
212 Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade 2014 Lostwood Adventure Visual novel PC
213 Lethe 2016 Pacermist Visual novel PC
214 Kudos 2006 Positech Games Simulation PC
215 Kitty Powers' Love Life 2018 Magic Notion Simulation PC
216 La Maupin to the Rescue 2017 rumpel Visual novel PC
217 Ladykiller in a Bind 2016 Love Conquers All Games Visual novel PC
218 Lagoon Lounge 2018 KAIJYU-09 Visual novel PC
219 Witches of St. Sayuri 2016 Elkat RPG Strategy PC
220 King Exit 2017 深爪貴族 Visual novel PC
221 Kest, The Fall 2018 Benn Ends Interactive fiction PC
222 Katawa Shoujo 2012 Four Leaf Studios Visual novel PC
223 Killing Time at Lightspeed 2016 gritfish Interactive fiction PC
224 Kindness Coins 2013 Arden Visual novel PC
225 Kindred Spirits on the Roof 2016 Liar-soft Visual novel PC
226 Lakeview Cabin Collection 2015 Roope Tamminen Horror PC
227 Last Days of Spring 2015 Sapphire Dragon Productions Visual novel PC
228 Wishing Seed 2015 Adoxographist Visual novel PC
229 Legends of Talia 2017 Winged Cloud Visual novel PC
230 Lesbian Fight Agent 12 2017 M1sty Fighter PC
231 Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars 2016 Anna Anthropy Casual PC
232 LESBIAN VAMPIRE DATING ONLINE 2017 storytam Simulation PC
233 Legena: Union Tides 2015 Grandpa Pixel RPG PC
234 Leave You Behind 2015 PIZZAPRANKS Visual novel PC
235 Last Night in Tokyo 2017 Andrea律 Visual novel PC
236 Late Night Breakfast 2018 knacc Visual novel PC
237 Latte Gay 2018 HuffleDuck Visual novel PC
238 League of Legends 2009 Riot Games MOBA PC
239 Love Paradox 2017 Luxa Visual novel PC
240 Love Ribbon 2017 Razzart Visual Visual novel PC
241 Miraclr 2018 Woodsy Studio Visual novel PC
242 Mint and the Secret of the Bunnoys 2018 BunSE Interactive fiction PC
243 Moebius: Empire Rising 2014 Pinkerton Road Studio Adventure Point-and-click PC
244 Moekuri 2016 MokyuSoft Visual novel PC
245 Monitor 2017 DNT Games Adventure PC
246 Queen at Arms 2016 Aqualuft Games Visual novel RPG PC
247 Wiggling Inertia 2018 Isonana Rasumi Visual novel PC
248 Wild Season 2015 Wild Season Simulation PC
249 Mermaid Splash! Passion Festival 2017 Sofdelux Studio Visual novel PC
250 Midboss 2017 Kitsune Games Strategy PC
251 Midsummer Haze 2004 Sakura Shima Visual novel PC
252 Mike Dies 2018 Psydra Games Platformer PC
253 Monster Girl Gaynerations: Ghoulfriends for Life 2017 Jennifer Stienstra Keana Almario Yani Wang Shepherd Cameron Visual novel PC
254 Monster Girl University 2017 nyakochan RPG PC
255 Mount Your Friends 2014 Stegersaurus Software Inc. Casual PC
256 Who We Are Now 2018 Chroma Field Games Visual novel PC
257 Mutiny!! 2017 Lupiesoft Visual novel PC
258 My Beastly Lovers 2018 Holy Potato Studios RPG Visual novel PC
259 My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant 2012 Up Multimedia Adventure Point-and-click PC
260 Morph Girl 2017 Jaydeb Adventure Horror PC
261 Morenatsu 2015 Morenatsu Team Visual novel PC
262 Monster Monpiece 2017 COMPILE HEART IDEA FACTORY Visual novel PC
263 Monster Prom 2018 Beautiful Glitch Simulation PC
264 Monster Seeking Monster 2017 Jackbox Games Casual Multiplayer PC
265 Why is this Dragon So Fucking Cute 2017 nadia nova Visual novel PC
266 Melty's Quest 2017 Remtairy Happy Life RPG PC
267 Melos 2015 Skarn Visual novel PC
268 Mabinogi 2004 Nexon MMO RPG PC
269 Lunar Days Sim Date 2012 Pacthesis Visual novel PC
270 Magi Trials 2016 Dharker Studio Visual novel PC
271 Magic Mirror Hall 2018 The Apothecary Visual novel PC
272 Magical Diary 2012 Hanako Games RPG PC
273 lumpo 2016 pistachioegg Interactive fiction PC
274 Lucius II 2015 Shiver Games Horror PC
275 War of the Lilies: An Eons Lost Story 2015 3 Halves Games RPG Visual novel PC
276 LoveBeat 2016 CRAZYDIAMOND CO. LTD. Casual PC
277 Lovely Anemone 2018 Luscious Spirit Studios Visual novel PC
278 Lucent Heart 2016 Playcoo MMO RPG PC
279 Magical Mystery Cure 2018 dotorii Nickolas hlforsten Tor Puzzle PC
280 Magical Warrior Diamond Heart 2018 PastelPyon Visual novel PC
281 1954 Alcatraz 2014 Daedalic Entertainment Adventure PC
282 Winds of Change 2018 Klace Visual novel PC
283 Massive Chalice 2015 Double Fine Productions Strategy PC
284 Max's Big Bust 2017 Lached Up Games Visual novel PC
285 May 2018 Team Spieluhr Visual novel PC
286 Winter Voices 2010 inner seas RPG PC
287 Malus Code 2016 M2 Co. Visual novel PC
288 Magical Witch Bell and Her Non-Magical Friends 2017 npckc Visual novel PC
289 Mahou Shoujo Žižek-chan! 2014 ebi-hime Visual novel PC
290 Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai 2009 Minato Soft Visual novel PC
291 Majotori 2017 Majoraiatto Visual novel PC
292 My GF is a tyrant, but it's not her fault, okay? 2018 carni Platformer PC
293 Rise of the Bloodmoon Curse 2015 saeun Visual novel PC
294 The Deed 2015 Pilgrim Adventures GrabTheGames RPG PC
295 The D (Stands for Demon) 2018 Pixels and Pins Visual novel PC
296 The Echo of Crows at the End of Man 2017 Sweat Decadence Visual novel PC
297 The Forgotten City 2018 Modern Storyteller RPG PC
298 The Grind 2015 Aftermath Interactive fiction PC
299 The Girl on the Train 2017 NewWestGames Visual novel PC
The Club 2018 Durnathi Visual novel PC
300 The Club
301 The Club: The Beginning
302 The Cave of Questioning 2018 BatElite Platformer PC
303 The Adventures of Qunju Spark 2018 Jess Gates Adventure Interactive fiction PC
304 The Adventures of Nick & Willikins 2018 Pinhead Games AAlgar Productions Point-and-click PC
305 The Awkward Steve Duology 2017 Oh A Rock! Studios Art game PC
306 The Bakery 2018 Matt "Game Dad" Dyet Simulation PC
307 The Bog's Heart 2018 Heiden Visual novel PC
308 The Henhouse 2018 Takaonna RPG PC
309 The Last Birdling 2017 InvertMouse Visual novel PC
310 The Red Strings Club 2018 Deconstructeam Point-and-click PC
311 The Quest 2016 Redshift RPG PC
312 The Reject Demon: Toko 2015 Lupiesoft Visual novel PC
313 The Ritual 2017 mogibear Interactive fiction PC
314 The Royal Trap 2015 Hanako Games Visual novel PC
315 The Path 2009 Tale of Tales Adventure Walking simulator PC
316 The Palace Guard 2017 Gaiascope Visual novel PC
317 The Legend of Korra 2014 PlatinumGames Adventure Action PC
318 The Last Word 2015 Twelve Tiles RPG PC
319 The Lion's Song 2016 Mi'pu'mi Games Adventure Point-and-click PC
320 The Monster Inside 2017 Random Seed Games Art game PC
321 The Multidimensional Underwear Drawer 2016 KamiyaSoft Visual novel PC
322 The Adventures of an Immortal, a War Survivor, and Other Misc. Queers 2018 cactusfinger Interactive fiction PC
323 The A-List 2018 Metaparadox Visual novel PC
324 Synthetic Garden 2018 RainbowJellie Visual novel PC
325 Symmetra's Qualifying Matches 2018 Sisyphus.Rocks Visual novel PC
326 Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet 2015 Nami Visual novel PC
327 Tacoma 2017 Fullbright Adventure Walking simulator PC
328 Tales of Aravorn: Seasons of the Wolf 2014 Winter Wolves RPG Visual novel PC
329 Tales Maj'Eyal 2012 Netcore Games RPG PC
330 Sword of Asumi 2015 Dharker Studio Visual novel PC
331 Swemark and Denden's Great Eggventure 2017 Annie Kennedy Adventure PC
332 Supreme League of Patriots 2015 No Bull Intentions Adventure Point-and-click PC
333 SUPER YURI RPG 2015 KevinFu RPG PC
334 Sweet Fantasy 2017 salamandra88 Visual novel PC
335 Sweet Volley High 2016 NewWestGames Visual novel PC
336 Sweethearts 2017 Passiflora Visual novel PC
337 Tales of Monkey Island 2009 Telltale Games Adventure Point-and-click PC
338 We Know the Devil 2016 Date Nighto Visual novel PC
339 Thank You, Gigi 2017 Dungeon Rocker Games Visual novel PC
340 Tenta Shooter 2017 Rakugaki Games Action PC
341 That Bitter Taste 2016 Avior Visual novel PC
342 That Night Not yet released obsessedillusionist Visual novel PC
343 That's Not My Name 2017 Tiger Collins RPG PC
344 Tell a Demon 2017 Sun Labyrinth LLC Visual novel PC
345 Telepath Tactics 2015 Sinister Design RPG PC
346 Tanggal 2018 Isip Games Horror PC
347 Talks With My Mom 2014 Vaida Interactive fiction PC
348 Teach Me Onegai 2017 Boys Laugh + Visual novel PC
349 Technobabylon 2015 Technocrat Games Adventure Point-and-click PC
350 Teenage Gayward 2015 Xandir Incremental PC
351 The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns 2016 ebi-hime Visual novel PC
352 The Secret World 2012 Funcom MMO RPG PC
353 Triple X Tycoon Not yet released Joy-Toilet Simulation PC
354 Triad 2013 Anna Anthropy Puzzle PC
355 Truth: Disorder III 2019 ReallyS Visual novel PC
356 Twin Blue Moons 2018 Arcus Plume Visual novel PC
357 TwinkBot Grooves 2017 BoarFrog Rhythm PC
Twine and Punishment 2014 anna anthropy Interactive fiction PC
358 Keep Dreaming Space Cowgirl
359 The Hunt for the Gay Planet
360 Mission to Planet X
361 Where in the Galaxy is Kremlin San Antonio?
362 Star Court
363 And the Robot Horse You Rode in On
364 Transistor 2014 Supergiant Games Strategy RPG PC
365 Transhaping 2019 Unbound Interactive Platformer PC
366 Torment: Tides of Numenera 2016 inXile Entertainment RPG Strategy PC
367 Tomai 2017 DarkChibiShadow arcade party Visual novel PC
368 Trance Run! 2017 SpiralGinga Art game PC
369 TRANS Golf 2018 Studio Raff MacBunny Sports PC