Image representation of the events we hold each year, listed below.


Set of pie charts.
Annual survey

Every year, we conduct research with a game audience survey that commences in February. We then spend the following year (or longer) analysing the data, and use the resulting findings as a foundation for our ongoing research.


Queerly Represent Me logo with text reading 'Queerly Represent the Underrepresented.
Queerly Representing the Underrepresented game jam

From May 1 - May 14, 2018, we are holding our inaugural game jam focused on underrepresented characters and genres within queer games. The jam is based on and welcomes anyone to submit an entry.

A zine with text on one page. Hand with thumb held back onto wrist by another hand. Drawing.
Represent: The Queerly Represent Me zine

Our inaugural zine, Represent, will be published at the end of May 2018! We will be sharing some amazing artwork, stories, reviews, autobiographical pieces, comics, and tabletop RPGs that were submitted by our community. You can buy these via our online store or in person at various events, either in physical or digital formats.

Our submissions for the next issue of Represent will open by October, with submissions due by the 1st of December.


A blank tournament bracket.
Pride Month Twitter tournament

To celebrate Pride Month, we're having a fun, silly tournament via Twitter where people can vote for their favourite queer games in strawpolls as they face off against each other so we can find the Ultimate Queer Game™. It's all a bit of nonsense to get into the spirit of the month, and share some representations with social media.

We will also be using this time to double-down on our spotlighting of queer developers and other marginalised folks working in games, increasing our outputs for our interview series with queer folks in games, and #QueerCreatorSpotlight.


Coloured streamers, confetti and stars.
Secret fundraiser and celebration!

We're celebrating a Super Secret Thing™ from July - July 7 in 2018, and to mark the occasion, we've decided it will also be an annual event!

Join us for the main festivities on July 1, with streamers, vloggers, writers, and all sorts of other content creators run events and have shows to fundraise for Queerly Represent Me. For those who can't join us on July 1, additional videos, streams, and re-runs will be happening all week!


Rainbow spiralling patterns with text reading 'Rainbow Game Jam.'.
Rainbow Jam

Rainbow Jam is a two week game jam designed to promote diversity! We've partnered with Steven Taarland and Kirsty Fraser to run and promote the jam, and would love for you to be involved!