Astoria: Fate's Kiss

So, Astoria is a mobile visual novel in which you choose your romantic partner from a bunch of Greek Gods. You’re an agent for H.E.R.A (which stands for something that I don’t remember, but think of it as like the Men in Black of gods) and you’re assigned to manage dramatic case for one of the gods (or monsters), and… the rest is fate. Well, I assume, anyway.

Through the ‘Lovestruck’ app (kind of like Episodes or Choices) you can read entire stories geared towards whoever you choose to partner up with, and from what I can gather they’re all unique. I chose Medusa’s story and I got way too invested. Maybe it was just that I spent awhile playing it, but from our meeting, to our wedding, and then our future life with children… it was super cute, okay?

You should play this if…

You want a cute/dramatic story about your relationship with a character from mythology. You’ve got Medusa (who is ~misunderstood and also the only lady), Hades, Hydra, Astraeus, Cerberus, Chimera, or your boss, Cyprin, who is non-binary and also gorgeous. They’re all babes. There’s a free prologue available too, so you can try it out to see if it’s to your taste. None of the dialogue choices seem to have much impact though, so maybe don’t dive into this one if you want your choices to make a difference (outside determining whose story you choose).

Released: July 2015
Played: June 2017
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