Britney Spears: American Dream

Have you ever wished you could be discovered in a café by Britney Spears and hurled into the beginning of a successful career? Well, this game lets you do just that. Sort of.
A masc looking person standing at a table in a restaurant. Dialogue reads 'When I'm at the beginning of a relationship I'm always nervous, but you put me at ease, Bradley.'

Basically, it’s a lot of moving from one location to another and tapping a bunch of little stars (much like the Kim Kardashian game that came before it) but there’s still a strange sense of satisfaction to seeing your number of “fans” go up and your gigs getting larger. There are some customization elements that allow you to choose your clothes and design album covers, so there’s definitely enough here to be entertaining. Plus, you can choose a member of either binary gender to date, so that’s something.

You should play this if…

You like this kind of simulation game and want something that’s good for killing time in your lunch breaks. There are some entertaining dialogue exchanges and the progression system felt pretty fair, so it’s relatively low-maintenance.

Released: 2016
Played: June - July 2017
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