Escape From Pleasure Planet

So, this is the sequel to My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant. You know how I said that was exceptionally gay? Well, this is somehow gayer. There’s a villain with a rainbow mohawk, now.
Two half naked masculine figures are passionately kissing on a beach.

Captain Tycho Minogue is back (I really hope he’s named after Kylie, it just feels right) and he has a new problem to deal with – one he hasn’t previously dated. Apparently, the way you make an already very gay game gayer is to set it on a planet where anyone can live out their wildest fantasies (spoilers: they’re mostly gay). Honestly, I don’t know what to say about this game other than it’s good, slightly raunchy yet oddly wholesome content directed at men who like men, yet which I (not a man, though to be fair, I do like men) also enjoyed. The plot was far more captivating this time around, with some nice planet-hopping and brain-bending concepts to deal with, plus slightly more varied gameplay. But mostly there was many fit, semi-naked dudes. The game wants you to know that they’re the important thing, here.

You should play this if…

You want a point and click adventure featuring a whole lot of dudes with their shirts off, but this time with a bonus lesbian plotline. This game has gays and rainbows everywhere, and even though it’s occasionally a little glitch and can run slowly, it’s still worth it. A slight trigger warning for some homophobic violence described in a story about one man’s past, though. It’s part of a somber moment that may cause distress to some.

Released: 2016
Played: September 2018
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