Good Knight Story

So you’re a Knight with dreams of saving the princess and defeating evil, only you had a really rough night and got yourself into some trouble. It’s a fun premise for what is essentially a match three game with a little twist.

On your quest to remember what happened and fight for good, you’re faced with enemies that you must overcome by drawing connecting lines through multiples of the symbols that are strong against them, which adds a bit of strategy, plus there are weapons that you can purchase and level up. Overall, though, the ‘queer’ element is a comment made by the NPC leprechaun who is your guide to one of the monsters you’re fighting, otherwise this is just a basic little fun game to waste time with.

You should play this if…

You like casual match-three style games and want another one to add to the pile. It has some additional elements that make it a little more exciting, plus it has some pretty good jokes in it. I laughed, but… I’m pretty easily entertained. Either way it’s free, so if this sort of casual game is your thing, it’s worth a try.

Released: March 2016
Played: June 2017
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