My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant

So, while I’m a big advocate for the subtle, incidental representation, there are times when you really just need a game to show up, rainbows blazing, ready to dish out some representation and eye candy.
A topless masculine figure stands in the background. A pop up dialogue box shows his face close up. He is saying 'Help yourself to a pamphlet. My pamphlets used to bring all the boys to the yard, but that was before the invasion.'

Well, eye candy for people that like masculine figures, because this game is very clearly focused on chiseled male bodies. There was one lesbian couple in the game who I found genuinely heartwarming, but other than that this point-and-click adventure is unashamedly about men who like men – and honestly, that’s all there is to say. It’s a little glitchy, but the puzzles aren’t too hard (insert dick joke here) and mostly make sense. From the elevator that hits on you to the tiny shorts that the main character calls his ‘uniform’, this story about a space captain and his ex-boyfriend is exactly what it promises, which… really makes my job here easy.

You should play this if…

You want to play something lovingly targeted towards men who like men. That’s really all I can say. Pretty much everyone in this game is an extremely gay man and many of them are topless at least some of the time. There are dick jokes. There are sex jokes. It’s… very stereotypically gay. It’s worth saying that it always feels like they’re purposefully embracing the stereotypes, never using them to mock, but I am not a gay man, so I’ll fully admit to not being the best person to judge that. Sure, it’s over the top, but I had fun with it.

Released: July 2014
Played: August 2018
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