Seduce Me

This one had me offside from the beginning, sadly. A girl’s grandfather passes away and bequeaths her his house in his will, so naturally she moves into the mansion alone the next day. When she arrives, however, she finds a group of incubi squatting in the home, quickly befriends them, and… hijinks ensue?

Obviously, the five boys are potential love interests, but so are your character’s female friends and a succubi, so there are plenty of romantic options to choose from. Sadly, the whole thing failed to grab me, and early on there were some iffy situations regarding consent that made me feel uncomfortable (a trend that continued through the rest of the visual novel), so I can’t really recommend it.

You should play this if…

You aren’t bothered by the idea of someone forcefully kissing your character against their will, and then becoming a potential romance option. It happens with more than one character. I’m sure there are lots of people who will genuinely enjoy at least one of these stories (the relationships with her friends are actually quite cute) but it didn’t sit well with me as a whole story.

Released: February 2015
Played: June 2017
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