Ticket to Earth

An episodic puzzle game/tactical RPG with a queer lady protagonist? Heck yeah I was always going to be interested, and Ticket to Earth did not disappoint. Only the first episode has been released so far, but that was more than enough to get me even more excited.

The combat system is innovative and relies on a mix of making long combos and using special abilities, with new dialogue options opening up after each fight so that you can stay connected to everyone involved in the story. There are actually two playable characters (so far), Rose and Wolf, but the first episode doesn’t teach you too much about Wolf. Rose, however, is shown to have a close relationship with her friend Xan, which is eventually revealed to be romantic and super cute. The whole plot is engaging and is probably going to break my heart, so who knows what kind of emotional wreck I’ll be by the end, but hey – I’d definitely recommend going along for the ride.

You should play this if…

You’re looking for a tactical RPG with puzzle elements and an intriguing story. As it turns out, I’m not so great at tactical RPGs, but practice definitely did make perfect, and it usually isn’t too frustrating to go back and give a level a second try once you have a better idea of what doesn’t work. Plus the relationship between Rose and Xen looks like it’s gonna be great.

Released: 2017
Played: July 2017
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