PAX Australia 2017: The Diversity Wrap-Up

Queerly Represent Me attended PAX Australia in 2017 to give you the diversity wrap-up! Find out all about the diversity talks, spaces, and initiatives at PAX Aus, as well as the games and studios on the showfloor who are championing representation.

PAX signPanels and talks →

There were a lot of panels and talks at PAX Australia 2017 that covered diversity and representation in games and in the games industry, including talks about queerness, women in games, and accessibility.

Spaces and initiatives →

PAX is well known for its inclusive spaces and initiatives, such as the Diversity Lounge and the AFK Room. Check out the diverse options that were available at PAX Australia 2017.

Games and studios →

Queerly Represent Me spoke with people on the showfloor about diversity in their games and teams.