As We Know It

Several figures face the camera: A feminine figure with hoop earrings; a masculine figure in a modern sweater; a feminine child in a bright skirt; a masculine figure with large muscles, a gender ambiguous character with an undercut; a feminine figure with unnatural coloured hair; a masculine figure with unnatural coloured hair; a feminine figure in a coat; a masculine figure in glasses; a masculine figure with hands in pockets; a masculine figure in a singlet; and a feminine figure with arms crossed.
  • Developer: Jaime Scribbles Games
  • Publisher: Jaime Scribbles Games
  • Year: Not yet released
  • Genre: Visual novel
  • Platform/s: PC

"As We Know It is a visual novel set in a time without discrimination of queer people. The player-character is female, and can date any of four romanceable characters (two masc, two femme).

The game also features gay relationships between NPCs."