Marvel Avengers Academy

A masc looking person and a femme looking person talking with a city in the background. Dialogue reads 'I'm telling you I'm gay'.
  • Developer: TinyCo
  • Publisher: TinyCo
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Platform/s: iOS, Android

Marvel Avengers Academy features Union Jack, a character depicted as gay. The game has chosen to introduce Brian Falsworth as Union Jack, and reflects the source material where Brian Falsworth is gay. There are several scenes in the game where Union Jack discusses his sexuality. For example, when Black Widow mentions that he is the only man at the academy who hasn't flirted with her, he says 'No offense, but you're not my type'; when Black Widow asks if he likes Enchantress instead, Union Jack clarifies, 'I'm telling you I'm gay.' There is also a scene where Union Jack and Loki celebrate a victory by going dancing together.