Postal series

A city street, with people on fire. A strip across the bottom of the screen shows various weapons.
  • Developer: Running With Scissors TrashMasters Studios
  • Publisher: Ripcord Games Loki Entertainment Whipstail Interactive Akella Running With Scissors
  • Year: 1997 - 2016
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Platform/s: PC, Mac OS, Android, J2ME

Postal is a problematic game series in many ways, and includes some problematic representation. Postal and Postal 2: Paradise Lost feature a gay club called 'Fire in the Hole' in which an NPC can be found who has a feminine body and voice and a masculine head, who is played off as a harmful transphobic joke. There are also implied scenes of homosexual rape, perpetrated by a group of men.

Earlier retail versions of Postal 2 (titled 'The Fudge Pack') included a playable arcade machine called 'Fag Hunter'. These versions were removed from digital releases of the game on Steam and GOG due to their bad taste, however, playable arcade machines can still be found on the Steam Workshop. An unplayable version of the arcade machine also appears in Postal 2: Paradise Lost.

There are also several cameos by known queer figures, including Milo Yiannopoulos in Postal 2 and (original Village People gay cowboy) Randy Jones in Postal 3, as leader of the 'Hell's A-Holes' Segway 'Biker' Gang.