Corporate Training

Queerly Represent Me has a range of qualified educators and consultants who are happy to work with your team to improve diversity and accessibility in your workplace.

We specialise in queer / LGBTQI+ representation, but we also have a broad range of diverse directors and consultants (including Indigenous Australians, people with disabilities, neurodivergent people, women, people from low socio-economic backgrounds, and more) who are happy to support you in being more inclusive, no matter what area/s you want your team to focus on.

We work with organisations who are just starting their diversity journey, as well as companies who just need a brush up, or who are trying to upgrade their allyship. Our paid consultations and education work with corporations fund our ongoing charitable work with marginalised communities. You can read more about our work here.

Sessions can range from short talks to whole day courses. Just let us know your needs via email and we'll provide you with a free quote.


  • Sensitivity reading of documentation.
  • Creating content for public statements and press releases.
  • Supporting internal diversity and inclusion training.
  • Assisting with establishing diversity and inclusion groups and policies within workplaces.
  • Supporting the transition towards more inclusive practices.
  • Consulting on inclusion and accessibility practices within workplaces and in event planning.
  • Providing reports, question and answer sessions, video conference calls, and whatever else your team requires to reach your desired result.
  • Speaking at company events about inclusivity and diversity.
Group of five people in business attire gathered around a laptop.


"I really appreciated Charlie’s honest approach to telling their story and I know the audience did too. Thank you again for facilitating that." - representative of Russell Kennedy lawyers, Melbourne.